How Harley was your wedding?

Posted on July 31st, 2009, by david

Harley Davidson weddings have been around for many years. We sold our first Harley cake topper way back in 1999, but we knew about Harley brides even before that. Theme weddings are a great way to kick off your life together and a Harley Davidson wedding theme is a great way to make your big event a big event for all of your friends too.

If you are a Harley bride you already know by now that all sorts of Harley Davidson wedding accessories are available on the internet. You can get your wedding cake topper, invitations, napkins, and photo frames all with the Harley theme. All of those accessories make great keep sakes for you and your guests. They are also great fun.

The picture of you and your groom riding away on his Harley (or his and her Harleys) is unforgettable. It’s a photo your children and grandchildren will love too.

How Harley was your wedding?

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